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Kreeda sees the need for a great deal of effort to research these games, their history, origin and rules.
  • Efforts are on to co-ordinate with old age homes to try and tap childhood memories of the aged. After all we have a lot to learn from them. This not only teaches us new games but also gives us an insight into the role games played in the lives of the people. This information has been carefully documented.
  • Kreeda has is in touch with many NGOs working in rural and tribal areas to tap these pockets where the games are more likely to survive
  • Kreeda also hopes to involve the media in an effort to have both children and adults help in research. Children could be encouraged to speak to their grandparents about games they played. This will also serve the purpose of building a bond between children and their grandparents.
  • Efforts are also on to document some of the old songs which were sung with the games as they add to the overall experience.

Kreeda makes an appeal to all those who can remember these old games to come forward and share their experiences as many of these games are in danger of being forgotten.